Psalidi in Kos - Put your rollerblades on and visit Psalidi


When you learn that Kos has a population of fewer than 34,000 people and an area of only 111 square miles, you might think that it's a humble, nondescript kind of place. But, in truth, Kos is a jewel of the South Aegean, with stunningly beautiful resorts and landscapes. And one of its most impressive features is the romantic, seaside village of Psalidi.

Psalidi not only offers a lovely coastline, but affords clear views of the equally-lovely Turkish coast. Located a few kilometres east from Kos Town, the beach of Psalidi is long and spacious. It is sandy in some places and shingly in others, and its surfing conditions are top-notch. The waters are shallow for quite a distance but oddly enough the shoreline never seems to feel crowded. Ideal for sunbathing and relaxing is a grass-covered area called Blue Beach. Especially worth noting is the village of Agios Fokas, which is nearby and provides unsurpassed vantage points for beautiful sunsets and a wonderful view of the Aegean sea. Psalidi is also the home of a wetland with a large number of birds, such as beautiful flamingos that arrive there around September.

Near the beach, you can satisfy a craving for seafood or traditional Greek fare in one of the many restaurants and taverns. Spread throughout the area are budget lodges and world-class hotels alike. You can choose a room to let, a bed-and-breakfast service or a five-star, luxury resort. It is up to you!

Psalidi is easily accessible by car, bus, taxi or bicycle. For the child inside you, you could try rollerblading!

Hotels and apartments in Psalidi