Pebbly, sandy, deserted and crowded beaches are all in Kos Island waiting for you

'Mastichari beach on Kos Island, Dodecanese' - Kos
'Mastichari beach on Kos Island, Dodecanese' wjarek / Shutterstock

Kos island is a blessed island of the Dodecanese group; rich in history, with breathtaking nature and the most impressive beaches. Its stunning coastline doesn't have a specific pattern and all kinds of beaches with unexpected differing features are found here.

If you are familiar with Greek islands, when you hear the name Paradise beach, you' ll immediately think of Mykonos with its super popular beach. But, this time Paradise beach on Kos is the one to talk about, and it hasn't earned its name without a reason. It is a marvel of nature which leaves you with a feeling of ecstatic enthusiasm, every time you walk down the hill towards the beach. Here the nature has formed a big cove with an endless beach covered with grey sand, while at the background there are palm trees and cedars. It is an organised beach with water sports facilities and taverns where you can taste the most delicious fish.

In order to experience the variety the nature has to offer to you on Kos island, you should definitely visit the beach Thermes. Its name is associated with the hot springs of the location. Hot water from the small pond on the one side of the beach mix with sea water to produce a healthy, muscle relaxing tonic with therapeutic properties. It is a natural spa perfect for taking care your body and mind. The rugged cliffs and the dark pebble sand that surround its pristine waters provide pleasing contrasts to most of the other beaches on Kos island.

Another location worth visiting is the beach of Agios Theologos, near the small town of Kefalos. It has been named after the deserted chapel of Saint John. There are small, cute coves surrounded by rocks and the place is ideal for sunbathing and windsurfing. The only disadvantage is that in order to access this area you need to drive or walk a 5 kilometres dirt road.

A must when you are on Kos is the tiny islet between Kos and Nisyros called Gyali, meaning glass in Greek. It is more like a big volcanic rock which emerged from the sea. It is accessible only by a leased vessel and you need permission before your visit. However, the place rewards you with magnificent scenery.

Apart from these special locations, some of the well-known resorts on the island have spectacular beaches as well. Among them are the beaches in Mastichari and Marmari.

Mastichari beach offers soft white sand and crystalline emerald waters characteristic of the Greek coastlines. It also comes complete with shade trees, sun loungers and beach umbrellas to help one relax even during the popular hot summer months.

Marmari Limnaria is blessed with more than just gentle island breezes; the strong winds characteristic of the western coast of Kos is perfect for windsurfing and other water sports. The picturesque beach is the hub of operations for many windsurfing academies and equipment rental facilities that provide hours of enjoyment for windsurfers of all skill levels.

Although the described beaches are notable because of their unique geological features, location, and associated activities, Kos island's other 18 impressive beaches include the Beach at Kos Town, Kardamena Beach, Kefalos beach, Tigaki, Lambi, Camel, Psalidi, Agios Fokas, Agios Stefanos, Kamari, Lagades, Limnionas, Lambi Mylos, Polemi, Psalidi Ramira and Psilos Gremos beaches. Each Kos island beach has its own unique qualities, but they all have amazing sea views in common.