Tigaki in Kos - An ideal location for relaxation and stress release

'Greece. Kos island. Tigaki beach.Two chairs and umbrella on the white sand beach' - Kos
'Greece. Kos island. Tigaki beach.Two chairs and umbrella on the white sand beach' Gabriel Georgescu / Shutterstock

Tigaki on Kos Island is the kind of place that allows you to feel as if the problems of the world exist at a comfortable distance – far out on the edge of the coastal horizon. This wonderful feeling of release you get when you arrive at the village is created by the small community of the 250 permanent residents which is both rich in cultural depth and welcoming in nature. Tigaki village is an area that holds onto local customs and values tightly. The deep sense of pride the locals have is extremely evident in how well the area is maintained and in how beautifully the flavours of the region manifest in the available cuisine.

The stunning characteristics of this location stretch beyond the cultural aspects of the people living and working here. The natural beauty of the surroundings draw visitors in as well. The picturesque shores of the beach make dramatic transitions into the luscious green of the valley. The wetland of Alykes is nearby with its rare fauna and flora being a vibrant reflection of the wildlife enriching the location. The environment is calm and free of excessive traffic on the beach, making it an ideal spot to consider for those of you whose primary goal is relaxation and the release of stress.

Despite the lack of crowding, Tigaki is one of the most popular destinations on Kos island. It serves as the respite for travellers who are traditionally making their way to surrounding villages for thrills. Tigaki itself is one of the nearest coastal villages to Kos Town, just 11 km west from it. The foundation of the cuisine in Tigaki is fresh fish that is prepared to perfection. The surrounding sea creates a restaurant environment that is suited to pamper the seafood lover's taste buds to no end. If you don’t have a taste for the bounty of the sea, you can enjoy delicious European and international dishes that are popular as well.

While each of the villages on Kos Island offer something slightly different in the way of food and shopping, the markets in Tigaki are particularly charming. These vendors are open all throughout the day, and there are clubs and bars to provide entertainment to guests when the sun goes down. The crystal-clear shores of Tigaki village comprise approximately 10 km of the shoreline of Kos Island, leaving plenty of room for sunbathing, swimming, and huge variety of other beach activities, such as windsurfing. Families find this spot to be particularly appealing due to the fact that the water has a shallow grade and the beach has been awarded with a blue flag several times. Children can safely play in the shallow waters for hours while parents recline and enjoy the feeling of the gentle sea in this summer paradise!

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