Kardamena - The queen of Kos nightlife

'the beautiful long sandy beach at Chelona cape near Kardamaina village at Kos island in Greece' - Kos
'the beautiful long sandy beach at Chelona cape near Kardamaina village at Kos island in Greece' imagIN.gr photography / Shutterstock

Built on the ruins of the ancient city of Alasarna, going back to the Classical period, the coastal village of Kardamena is a fun and colourful spot for holidays which attracts many visitors from around the world. Although the city itself is home to 1,800 residents, in the summer it turns into the most popular summer resort on the island. Tourists bask in the Mediterranean sun by day and troll the nightclubs by dusk. Kardamena is one of the liveliest destinations on Kos with a vivid nightlife and all the bars jammed at the Bar Street. The area takes over at night and becomes the number one location for parties . Kardamena will fully satisfy the restless party animal inside you with lots of music and dancing until the early hours.

The beach becomes alive again in the morning when tourists and residents head there for a swim in the refreshing water, for sunbathing or all sorts of water sports activities, including even parasailing. The beach tends to be crowded and busy due to its close proximity to the village. However, it is 3 km long and if you’re willing to walk a little bit, you’ll spot deserted parts with beautiful sand dunes and trees to lie under their natural shade.

In the village, beautiful and colourful buildings dot the coast. In the main square there are souvenir shops where, apart from the typical souvenirs to remind you your visit in Greece, you can buy small bottles of the local traditional drink of “kanellada” which is Kos’ signature drink. Another way to spend your day when you stay in Kardamena is to take the ship to the nearby island of Nisyros and admire the awe-inspiring volcanic landscape. You could also visit the islet of Agia Eirini where there are hot springs with healing properties.

After a busy day, a good quality Greek lunch is a must! The seafood that is caught directly off the harbour is served in the local restaurants and “tavernas”. However, if you aren’t familiar at all with the Greek cuisine, you could taste traditional Greek specialties like the famous mousaka or meatballs.

If you are of the sporty type, the place offers a lot to do, such as dirt tracks and canyons around the village to explore. The terrain is also ideal for mountain biking till the historic village of Antimachia, although Kardamena has also rich cultural heritage. It is home of the ancient Temple of Apollo and various Roman ruins as well as basilicas like the church of Agia Barbara have been excavated here. As the city is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Alasarna, the “Alasarnia”, a festival with cultural events, such as concerts, plays or even cycling and chess contests, is organised annually.

Visitors from young to old enjoy the beauty of Kardamena and find that there is not a single day that is not spent in a more enjoyable place. The warm and friendly culture mixed with the delicious cuisine and golden sun drenched beaches are some of what draws people to this village.

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