Kos Town - An Interesting mix of history and culture

Kos Town

Kos Town is a blend of all the different cultures that thrived on the island. Here you can see from ancient Greek monuments and medieval castles to Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques. Together with its architecture, they come to make Kos Town a fascinating, eclectic Greek island destination. Escape from the everyday by visiting this historic, beautiful town.

One of the first sights you come across when you arrive in Kos Town is the Castle of the Knights of St. John near the harbour. It is connected with the Town via a bridge and it’s also at a short distance from the famous plane tree where Hippocrates is said to have taught medical students. Asclepieion – the temple dedicated to Asclepius, the god of medicine – is just outside the city, whereas other historic ruins are spread throughout Kos Town, with modern buildings raised around them. Some of them are older than 3000 years.

The influence of the Venetians as well as the Italians is evident in the architecture of many of the most amazing buildings on the island, such as the “Eparheio of Kos” – the office of the local prefect. The Archaeological Museum is worth visiting as it offers glimpses into treasures like sculptures of Aphrodite and Eros, the mythical Greek god of love, along with artwork like the famous Hippocrates mosaic. Other important sights in Kos Town are the so called “Casa Romana” - the renovated Roman house, the mosaic depicting the myth of Europa and the ancient marketplace, which was one of the most famous markets in the ancient times, because of its eclectic products. The modern Kos market features everything from handmade soaps to Ouzo, pottery and seeds.

For your pleasure and relaxation, restaurants give you an authentic taste of the Greek cuisine, with those found on the waterfront being a definite favourite among visitors and locals alike. Time spent in Eleftherias Square is always time well spent. Shops and restaurants, cafes and “tavernas” line the square offering a nice break to relax and enjoy a beverage, delicious food or ice cream. Shops offer a fascinating blend of souvenirs, fresh foods, an assortment of wines and excellent cheese.

Those who choose to stay into the evening find authentic Greek music and dancing displays. Street performers, especially talented magicians, also offer interesting entertainment. Kos Town features an array of nightlife opportunities from bars to discos and clubs. For those looking for a quieter night experience, a pleasant stroll near the harbour and castle offers views of the pretty lights. Even though it might seem to you as a sleepy Greek island town during the day, you’ll find out that it comes to life dramatically at night.

A visit to the exciting Kos Town is eventful and enjoyable any time of the year. A great time to visit, especially for those who love warm summer weather, is from April to September. Fond memories are made in Kos Town and many of you will find yourselves returning. From a majestic castle to educational museums, exciting nightlife and friendly locals, Kos Town is alive with historic sites and plenty of activity.

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