Mastihari - One of the most beautiful beaches on Kos island

'Wooden fishing boat in the port' - Kos
'Wooden fishing boat in the port' wjarek / Shutterstock

Approximately 22 kilometres west from Kos Town is the quaint village of Mastihari. It is a small fishing village where the local fishermen provide the restaurants and taverns with the freshest possible fish every single day. The village is actually well-known for this. Therefore, when you are in Mastihari, don’t forget to order delicious fish and seafood for your meal and accompany it with wine, as here is the home of the Mastihari Wine Festival, a famous event for wine-lovers from all over the world. Mastihari is the second largest port on the island and cruises to the nearby island of Kalymnos are scheduled daily.

This place is not a flashy or cosmopolitan mecca. It is a picturesque, quiet village without the racket of crowded nightclubs and busy shopping areas. It has preserved its authenticity and here you can enjoy the solitude and subtleties of a laid back way of life. However, there are various options for accommodation as well as other facilities, such as restaurants and small “tavernas” where you can taste Greek delicacies and Mediterranean cuisine. You will be moved by the genuine hospitality of the locals who will introduce you to the outgoing Greek attitude with their warm welcome.

If you think that the best sunsets can only be watched in Santorini, you haven’t yet watched the sunset in Mastihari. The peaceful and tranquil ambience of the area, together with its sandy beach and the crystal blue waters, bring images from the Caribbean to mind. Its beach is said to be the most beautiful one on the whole island of Kos. Even though the beach is favoured – and thus quite busy – for all the above mentioned reasons, there are also secluded parts for those of you who would like some privacy. On the organised part, you can enjoy all sorts of water sports activities, but the location is ideal for windsurfing due to the waves out in the open sea. On the way to Mastihari, there is a water park for some extra fun in the large water slides with the whole family.

Another reason why Mastihari is great for family holidays, is the feeling of safety you get mainly because of the attitude of the locals who have retained their habit to allow their children to stroll around the village to make their own fun, which is actually a lost art in today’s busy society. If you miss the times children were playing carefree in the streets and parents didn’t have to worry about high delinquency, Mastihari is just the place to visit.

The traditional spirit of the village is also expressed through the religious feast organised on the nameday of St. John on 29th August. Nowadays, these feasts are most often celebrated in Greek villages and small towns. Why not join the locals and enjoy an aspect of the Greek culture. To dive more into culture, do visit the ruins of the early Christian basilica with the mosaic floor made up of tiny, coloured floor tiles.

Mastihari is easily accessible due to its proximity to the airport where there are a lot of taxis available for the 15 minute jaunt to the village. The locals are proud for their excellent services and their friendly manners. It can also be reached by bus from Kos Town which isn’t far either. On some of the Greek islands, motor scooters are the most popular way to move around, but on this island bicycles are the locals’ favourite! Adopt this eco-friendly way of life, explore Mastihari and escape from the depressing city life!

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