Kefalos in Kos - The small town with the rich culture

'Wonderful view to the sea from the mountains in Kefalos (Kos island, Greece)' - Kos
'Wonderful view to the sea from the mountains in Kefalos (Kos island, Greece)' Kert / Shutterstock

On the west side of Kos island, 40 kilometres southwest from Kos Town is the beautiful small town of Kefalos. Wander the narrow streets that are typical of the architecture of the islands, as you take in the peaceful feeling the adjacent, white-washed houses with the bougainvillea on the balconies create. Spend a little time in the “Traditional House” which operates as a folk museum to learn more about the agricultural background of the village. Kefalos is a great place to spend your holidays and you can find some inexpensive guesthouses here fairly easily. Another option is the Kefalos resort which is right next to the village.

Kefalos is lying on the slopes of a hill, just above the lovely beach of Kamari. The beach is a sheltered bay, perfect for vessels to moor. You can admire the beauty of the scenery as the blue of the sea, the white of the rocks on the one side and the green of the hills on the other side are intertwined with the ancient beauty of the ruins of the early Christian church of Agios Stefanos , dated back in the 5th century AC. Nearby is the little island of Kastri with the chapel of Agios Nikolaos, the patron saint of sailors. Near Kefalos lies the ancient capital of the island, called Astypalaia, as well as the temple of goddess Dimitra, dated from the 5th century BC, a Hellenistic theatre and the “Aspri Petra” cave where excavations brought to light findings from the Neolithic period. From this area, up in the hill, the panoramic view of Kefalos is breathtaking.

Apart from the rich history and the ruins from different periods, when you are in Kefalos, you can have a grain of culture by taking part in one of the religious feasts organised here, depending on when you are on the island. Even though, these feasts celebrate the nameday of Christian Orthodox saints, they are mostly related to folk tradition and cultural customs. It is a great opportunity for some fun in a different, more culture-oriented way. Why not join them!

Other popular events in Kefalos are the Honey Festival and the Fish Festival in August and September respectively. The round of Kefalos in October and the celebrations for the carnival in February are also a lot of fun. If you happen to be on the island this time of the year, don’t miss them!

The area offers a lot of alternatives for accommodation as well as for food. Walk along the waterfront to find taverns and cafés offering fresh seafood dishes. Enjoy your meal right on the beach as you watch the stars come out. Do taste some of the local desserts, especially those made of honey produced in the area. Nightlife here is quiet and often involves listening to the waves lap the shore, or having a small bonfire on the beach with friends. Kefalos is a quiet place to relax and enjoy the sea. Come here to rediscover peace!

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